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Sonobeat's historical archives

Sonobeat's historical archives

Sonobeat's vault – sealed for decades until Sonobeat Historical Archives unlocked it in 2004 – holds Sonobeat's hundreds of original tape recordings, photographs, and documents that provide an evocative flashback to the dynamic Central Texas music scene from 1967 through 1976, when Austin is beginning to stake its claim as The Live Music Capital of the World. The vault's open, so join us on a journey back in time.

Before SXSW and Austin City Limits: Sonobeat Records, the beginning of the Austin music scene

Austin's music scene started here

Where else but Austin can you find Austin City Limits, SXSW, and an A-to-Z musical night life... Back in the late '60s, Austin music is already red hot with it's unique Southern and psychedelic rock, cosmic cowboy, and Afro-jazz scenes, all fueled by more than 35,000 University of Texas students, a thriving high school garage rock scene, and the center of Texas government. Here's where it all started.

Discoveries: Sonobeat in the '60s artist spotlight

A look back at Plymouth Rock

Fifty years ago, Sonobeat recorded Austin-based Plymouth Rock (right, Austin, not Boston), releasing the group's only single in November '69. Plymouth Rock was composed of some of Austin's top rock singers, songwriters, and musicians of the era. In advance of our release later this year of the 50th anniversary digital remaster of the band's Memorandum, we invite you to explore Plymouth Rock's story.

Happenin's around Sonobeat

A Picture of Me

A Picture of Me, reframed

Our spectacular digital remaster of the Sweetarts' 1967 single A Picture of Me breathes new life into this Austin rock classic. Celebrating the single's 50th anniversary in 2017, we mounted A Picture of Me in a Mastered for iTunes digital frame that brings out its original sonic goodness and sounds even better than the original vinyl edition. You'll find A Picture of Me and its flipside, Without You, on iTunes and dozens of digital services worldwide.

Watch Out!

You better Watch Out!

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of Lavender Hill Express' Watch Out, in 2018 we remastered and reissued a dazzling digital edition. Watch Out is classic southern rock by one of Austin's premiere '60s bands. Originally issued as a vinyl 45 RPM single in June 1968, this was Lavender Hill Express' second Sonobeat release. Our remaster restores its super sonics. Get Watch Out now on digital download and streaming services worldwide.

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